Capable and Culpable Shades of Sanity

I'm a threadbare absolute tugging at my own seams of inconsequence Sledgehammer gray tucked inside my mind, a thunderous revolution of sour silence and gasoline-doused derivatives Anvils of angry black and angles of distorted proportion propel the knowing nonsensical white space Do you have these days where your matter---the colorless exposition--- meets the edge... © [...]

Season of her Nebula

as a pebble cast into the center of her fray warm wishbones splintered night and chiffon cups carried sips of day--- too fragile to hold contentment and distracted by the bay, my bones have broken ache and my skin clings today winds shift, the aortic shade of empty--- © Grace Black Written for dVerse In Tune [...]

Midnight Beetle: Lady June

Pregnant moon & humid breath, the ichor of my poetry--ripe from broken skin.   My lips make no movement.   Paper wings, a fly trap rap as these midnight things electrocute my mind, taxing stimuli.   Neurotransmissions ignite signaling my mind's eye as the beetle stares me down.   Drunk on light, he flaps & [...]