Blue – Day 15

this color of the sky and ocean and playground days pockets of morning and dregs of regret busheled berries and remnants of abuse on flesh   this color carries meaning and transcends hue it lives inside the lies and on fingertips of eager art and hides in spines of noveled meaning   this color is just [...]

Orion Current – Day 13

scoop out the innards of time and reduce particles to priorities as we spin wind-tales and gusts of creation on the tips of tongues and sip the storm that lies in eyes; a dormancy we've awakened © Grace Black   Welcome to the October Poetry Journey!   Today is Day 13 of #OctPoWriMo  join me, [...]

i am – Day 11

i am exiled and coveted on an island of my own making i am silence and deafening thunder, the interior of a quantum equation i am a drought flooded with tears as i stand in soggy boots on parched ground i am a virus, infected with love i mask my mouth so you can breathe [...]