lie horizontal, unblinking stand, mouth gaping, staring at a reflection that holds no expression in return hold your toothbrush, feel it in your hand then let it slip because even it is too heavy return to an unmade bed lie horizontal, unblinking   this is depression   go to sleep wake in flesh more foreign [...]


lie down in the middle of the room imagine your bones are soup a slip of green like split pea then try to breathe through them: your bones. choke on the air that no longer exists in the lungs your bones do not contain.   this is what trusting someone again, feels like   © [...]

zero space

  give me a small, flat edge of hope one I can balance on foundations of abstract silence.   A point, a segment, a ray of digital collapse where these bouncing rapids of life-sized disappointment may go for early retirement   with the residue of sine, cosine, and tangent of all my past lovers still [...]


my pores are leaking anguish and puss and i sob in the shower collapsed near the drain dry heaves of nobody-gives-a-fuck where chunks of my hair are caught so, my art disturbs you come closer as I whisper ...good now you can feel what I taste--- the bile of waking yet another day in putrid flesh [...]

eye see you

it was so much more than what you've reduced it to but my teeth are bones and my lip is bleeding from biting down, holding back, and your night terrors remain as you refuse to face the truth: you use you replaced one vice for another, as easily as you glossed over my words and [...]