Published Poetry

Eunoia Review
January 2018: “blanket fort

July 2017: “Senseless Routine

Into the Void Magazine
July 2016: “Cobalt Veins

Maudlin House
Sept. 2015 Anniversary Issue 13:
bent, Not broken

Five 2 One Magazine
2015: (Print Edition Issue 9) “Recycled”

Five 2 One Magazine: #thesideshow
May 2015: “Last Chapter
May 2015: “The Cost of Thursday

Unlost Journal: A Journal of Found Poetry
November 2015: Q3 – “An August Without Stars

May 2015: Q1 – “Not My Year, but It’s My Life

December 2015: An Anthology of Found Things: 2015

Unbroken Journal
Fall/Halloween Issue 2015: “Trek
May/June Issue 2015: “Lyrical Contortionist

April 2015: Gurfa Vol 1.5: “Torrential Vacuousness

Page & Spine
May Issue 2015: “Life’s Drudgery

The Literary Nest
April Issue 2015: “Stopgap

East Coast Ink
Roots Issue: (Print Copy)
March 2015: “Lines” (pg 6)
March 2015: “Compost for Spring” (pg 14)

Visual Verse
Silent Lips

50-Word Stories

Three Line Poetry
(Issue 29) (Issue 30) (Issue 31)
Paperback copies also available through Prolific Press.

Haiku Journal: A project of Poetry Quarterly Magazine
(Issue 25) (Issue 26) (Issue 28) (Issue 31) (Issue 35) Other paperback copies also available through Prolific Press.

50 Haikus
(Issue 7)