28 days of Self-Love

Research shows it takes 21 days to create a habit— So if we add another seven days for good measure, that brings us to February and its 28 day month. What a perfect month to cultivate a habit of Self-Love! I’m thrilled to announce my first ever Self-Challenge on Grace Black Ink. This challenge will be open for all to join. Please spread the word!

28 days of Self-Love what you will need:

    • Approximately 30 mins set aside each day: 5-10 minutes to read each post, 10-20 mins for each exercise, and as much time as you’d like to spend creating. You can come back to each step at any time.
    • A fresh notebook and a pen you love to create with.
    • A positive, gentle outlook on each new day.

28 days of Self-Love guidelines and info:

      • Each day will contain an image, prompt exercise, suggested poem style to try your hand at, and an accompanying music playlist here on the website. (I will be participating too.)
      • Some days we will be writing poetry, some days short prose, and some days stream-of-consciousness writing. Some days we will combine all three.
      • We will be cultivating Self-Love through creativity, breath, and gratitude.
      • You may share your journey and creations as privately or publicly as you wish.
      • You can comment directly on each post with your contribution for the day, link to a personal website or blog each day or any other social media of your choosing. Or you could choose to just read and comment on others’ progress.
      • The key is to get involved. You may maintain any level of privacy or anonymity you choose, but the healing begins when you do the self-work. And connecting with others and their individual journeys is a wonderful part of the process.
      • Each photo below will become a live link on the correlating week and day.
      • We will begin on February 1, 2018. Links will go live at midnight EDT.
      • Want daily reminders and a live link for each corresponding day? If so, please click subscribe below.
      • I will be promoting this challenge on Instagram and Twitter and would love for you to spread the word as well.

      Love and Ink,
      Grace Black

      All photography used for 28 days of Self-Love purposes is licensed under Creative Commons Zero images.




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