day 5 – forgiveness

Welcome to day five of 28 days of Self-Love.

Welcome back! Let’s continue to cultivate the habit of Self-Love through creativity, breath, and gratitude.


forgiveness. |ˌfərˈɡivnəs|
the action or process of forgiving or being forgiven.

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” —Mahatma Gandhi


  • Music Inspiration:  Daniel Barenboim- Debussy: Suite bergamasque, L. 75 – 3. Clair de lune


  • Day 5 Exercise: Forgive Yourself

Find a comfy spot and grab your notebook.

Today you are going to write a letter of forgiveness. You are going to forgive yourself and apologize to your inner child for anything you have said or done in a negative or harmful way toward yourself in the last week. For example, it could be negative self-talk, negative actions toward yourself, or negative body image (I hate my *insert your own tag*).

The letter is just for you. You do not need to share this with anyone. You do need to get real with yourself and begin to listen to the repeated words of negativity that come out of your mouth and surface in your mind. These are extremely harmful and if left out-of-check will manifest into your subconscious, sabotaging any and all chances of Self-Love and true happiness.

We need to treat ourselves with the same loving kindness we would extend to a small child or innocent animal.

So pick something or a list of somethings, and write a letter of apology to yourself. After you’ve finished the letter you can put it in an envelope and address it to your inner child:

c/o Grace Black

Then walk away from it for a few hours. Open it up later and read it with childlike tenderness.


  • Day 5 Create: Senryu

If you remember from day-2, Haiku and Senryu are closely related. However, we are going to focus on the essence of a human moment today. Specifically, self-forgiveness. Think about the letter you wrote and how you felt when you read it later.

Craft a Senryu from this essence.

Don’t forget Shadow Poetry is a wonderful resource to familiarize yourself with different types of poetic form or refresh yourself on the different schemes.

Also, Poetry Foundation has a Glossary of Poetic Terms section you can search. A fantastic resource and site with daily poems for inspiration. and their Poem-A-Day is another wonderful site full of resources and a list of forms.



Here is my creative work as a result of today’s exercise:


Letter to Gracie
c/o Grace Black 

fools ridicule,
a soft heart
stands alone

Love and Ink,

I invite you to share your poems in the comment section below or link to a blog or personal website. Read and comment on others. Introduce yourselves. Get involved. I’m excited to see what all you lovely souls have created.

Now forgive yourself and celebrate the creativity you’ve cultivated today! See you back here tomorrow with another day of Self-Love.

31 thoughts on “day 5 – forgiveness

      1. Indeed, this was an intensive day. We will face other things as we continue, but each revelation gets easier and opens the floodgates. I can’t adequately express my gratitude for each of you and the love and courage this self-exploration takes. This was lovely, E!

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