day 27 – tradition

Welcome to day twenty-seven of 28 days of Self-Love.

We’re coming to a close of 28 days.

tradition.  |trəˈdiSH(ə)n|
the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way.

[in singular] an artistic or literary method or style established by an artist, writer, or movement, and subsequently followed by others.

  • Music Inspiration: F.S. Blumm & Nils Frahm – Valentine My Funny


  • Day 27 Exercise:  Tradition

Since we are coming to an end, I figured this would be a good time to think about how you can implement the habit of Self-Love through creativity, breath, and gratitude into your life on a regular basis. What small tradition can you begin with yourself to show gratitude? How can you spread this message and share joy in the little moments?

Just make some notes here and plan out what the next steps are on your journey.


  • Day 27 Create: Free Verse

You know what to do.


Love and Ink,

I invite you to share your poems in the comment section below or link to a blog or personal website. Read and comment on others. Introduce yourselves. Get involved. I’m excited to see what all you lovely souls have created.

Time to check in:

  • Have you been mindfully breathing?
  • Running gratitude?
  • How’s your self-talk?
  • Are you running affirmations?
  • Laughing?

See you back here tomorrow with the completion of 28 days of Self-Love.

4 thoughts on “day 27 – tradition

  1. ‪When my face beams‬
    ‪It’s because my soul smiles within‬

    ‪If my dress is blowing about‬
    ‪It may have something to do‬
    ‪With blowing kisses‬

    ‪If a sensational life is possible‬
    ‪With a hollow heart‬
    ‪The tradition of sincerity departs‬

  2. I’ll set my coconut heart upon the rock of faith
    And bash it with experience, till it cracks and splits open
    And once that sweet nectar I’ve imbibed,
    I’ll reach my hands into that black mud within
    Deep down in that darkness mired.
    There the stones of doubt, remorse, shame
    Which turned me aside at the crossroads,
    And this time when those tears do come
    I will just let it rain

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