day 19 – form

Welcome to day nineteen of 28 days of Self-Love.

Let’s continue to cultivate the habit of Self-Love through creativity, breath, and gratitude.

form.  |fôrm|
1. the visible shape or configuration of something.
2. a particular way in which a thing exists or appears; a manifestation.

1. bring together parts or combine to create (something).
2. make or fashion into a certain shape or form.

“Form is emptiness; emptiness is form” —Buddhist Philosophy ‘Heart Sutra’


  • Music Inspiration: Sylvan Esso – Coffee


  • Day 19 Exercise: Take Inventory

Take an inventory of what you do to nourish your body. How much water do you drink a day? What do you eat on a daily basis? What kind of supplementation might you need? There is a ton of info out there on diet and nutrition and so much of it conflicting. However, once you’ve taken the time to quiet the mind and center yourself, you will then be able to find the information that best suits your personal needs. We are all different. The key is to quiet the mind and tune into your inner knowingness to lead you to the information that is a correct fit for you and your body at any given time. And it’s a process of finding what works and what doesn’t for you.

I have a lot of wonderful books and websites that have come to me at just the right time in my life because I have asked what changes do I need to make. Here are a few resources I’ve had success with (but find what resonates with you): Dr. Mercola, Medical Medium, Against All Grain, and psst… I LOVE Herbivore these all-natural personal care items are fantastic (and if you use this link provided and enter your email you get 15% off your first order).

Create the outer you to reflect the inner you. Be still and listen to . . .  you! Do what works for you.

What you put into your body will manifest on the outside. Eat and drink clean to maintain clear skin and optimal health. Garbage in; garbage out. So take some time today and reflect on what you are using to fuel and nourish your body on a daily basis. Be mindful and think of some areas you would like to improve upon. Even if you can only make one small change (and stick with it) a month, you will see tremendous benefits in the long run. Remember its a journey, not a destination. Baby steps. But each one will get you closer to feeling the best you can in each moment and transform you into the best version of you.


  • Day 19 Create: Dialogue Poem

Dialogue poems reflect a dialogue between two people who represent different perspectives on a particular theme, issue, or topic. You can express this in many ways, so get creative. Oh and one more thing, I want you to create a Dialogue Poem between you and the inner you (you and yourself) Yup! You read that right!

 Have fun!

Don’t forget Shadow Poetry is a wonderful resource to familiarize yourself with different types of poetic form or refresh yourself on the different schemes.

Also, Poetry Foundation has a Glossary of Poetic Terms section you can search. A fantastic resource and site with daily poems for inspiration. and their Poem-A-Day is another wonderful site full of resources and a list of forms.


Here is my creative work as a result of today’s exercise:


Today I am whole.

Dialogue Poem: Heat-to-Heart


The mirror speaks to me


even from over here


a whisper, it says…




it glares, and taunts, and smirks


“your hair is shiny.”


It tries to fool me with a compliment
but then I see—really see—all the lines
the mistakes, the tracks love left,




and so, I step back.




This is the game, we play—ugly
tired, spent, a hack with dust-dry
fingertips and a muse gutted from
my womb of content, a has-been
that never was.




And then I think, who are you?






Then, I decide I don’t particularly like
the dialogue in which we partake
In fact, I don’t like any part of it.
Constant criticism, the slice—a rusty blade

and you laugh

and so do you—

Mirror shatters bone.
My sangfroid intact,
I paint my lips red
between shards,
and regret—
has left.

Love and Ink,

I invite you to share your poems in the comment section below or link to a blog or personal website. Read and comment on others. Introduce yourselves. Get involved. I’m excited to see what all you lovely souls have created.

Be gentle and love what you’ve cultivated today! See you back here tomorrow with another day of Self-Love.

14 thoughts on “day 19 – form

  1. Watching the form
    Emptying the soul

    Body fits in the beauty norms
    Washing down all fat

    No belly no hip
    A fe/male

    A Herm and Aphrodite
    Are we friends pal

    Never or sometimes

    1. I am thrilled that you have benefited from this challenge in some way! What a blessing. My one true wish would be to plant seeds of self-awareness and joy and hope it spreads across the world.

      Peptalk is such a fitting title. We are all a work in progress. Love it!

    1. Oh, friend, I do try. That is what the affirmations and self-talk are for. But somehow the sadness always seeps into my poetry. I’m not sure I know how to write any other way. Thank you for your kind comments!

      1. E,
        The sadness isn’t doing anything for me per se; however, I have learned that embracing the emotions as they come is part of the process and acceptance of all your emotions is what makes surrender and growth possible.

        If we reject our emotions (negative or positive) we are not living authentically. No one is happy all the time. And that is an unrealistic goal. But we can find the best in every situation. By really tuning into ourselves and listening to our emotions we can see what inner work needs to be done. Not all sadness is the same. Just like not all pain or joy or excitement. Our emotions are like indicator lights on a car.

        I am not sure why the sadness seems to seep into most of what I write, but I have learned to accept that and embrace it as part of my path. Maybe, it’s merely to help reach others and let them know hey “I know that feeling too,” or “I’ve walked that path.” Regardless, If I can help just one person that helps someone that helps someone else know they are not alone—then I can know the sadness served a purpose.

        It is not to say, I marinate in the melancholy and soak in the victim mentality as a way of life. That really serves no purpose other than stagnation. There were some very dark times in my life, but those are what have made me stronger and where my true growth emerged from.

        Hope this makes sense. I am grateful for you and your comments. xx

  2. There is no wrong. Beautiful honesty here! Love it.

    So thrilled you enjoyed today’s prompt. I get nervous before I post each one, wondering if they will resonate with anyone. So many have dropped out. So glad you are still here. xx

  3. Hey you!
    Yes you!
    You have forgotten.
    That you are beautiful.
    Have I?
    Yes you did.
    No, it’s just is.
    Why is that?
    Because I said so.
    But I say not.

    Who are you?
    Yes you!
    I am you, beautiful.
    Like a butterfly.
    I am also you, ugly.
    Like a caterpillar.
    We both can be.
    For how can I be
    without you?
    And how can you be
    without me?

    I don’t know if this makes sense. Challenging myself here. 😍🤣

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