day 12 – laughter

Welcome to day twelve of 28 days of Self-Love.

Let’s continue to cultivate the habit of Self-Love through creativity, breath, and gratitude.

laughter. |ˈlaftər||
the action or sound of laughing.

“Above all things, and at all times, practice yourself in good humor.” —Thomas Jefferson


  • Music Inspiration: Frank Sinatra – The Coffee Song


  • Day 12 Exercise: Laugh

Grab that notebook. Find a list of “What Not to Do” or “What You Shouldn’t Do…” (in regard to limiting creative expression, image, or behavior) for your particular age/gender; these ridiculous lists can be found in magazines and online all over the place.

e.g. “What Women Should Never…”  “What Men Shouldn’t …”

For example, I found an article about a year ago that said that women over 40 should not wear big hoop earrings and need to ditch their converse. That made me laugh out loud. TOTAL BALONEY! I proudly strut in my converse, chew gum, and sport my hoop earrings.

Nonsense image shaming. Just embrace you and as you evolve and change embrace that you too!

So, after you find an article that fits your particular parameters read through the list with objective eyes. This is particularly important for women because we are inundated with What-Not-to-DOs as far as image and beauty are concerned on a daily basis. However, not to exclude the men here, an ever-increasing media presence about male image has inundated the commercial market today, as well. We are ALL being led to believe, more than ever, that we are not perfect in our earth-born form and cannot ever be unless we change near everything about ourselves and buy more things or services to aid in said perfection.

The fact is we are all different! And yet we are all one! Perfection lies in the belly of who we are, and yet is different for each of us. No two individuals on this planet have exactly the same path. We have things that connect us and things in common but our individual isness is what makes us human and perfect in our imperfection. There is no magic cream or tonic that will ever “fix” all our problems. Because most of what we believe we need to “fix” has been subconsciously drilled into our minds by media manipulation.

To be clear, I am not talking about genuine self-care or inward growth where you want to initiate true change to become a better version of you. I am also not suggesting to never bathe, groom, or think about our outward appearance. What I am saying is that ONE MODEL of beauty DOES NOT fit all, and it takes real introspection to learn what feels right (for you) and embrace who you are while putting your best foot forward in life. That said, back to the ridiculous list…

As you read this list now with a lightheartedness and eyes of scrutiny find the humor. Maybe take one or two items and rebel. Then wear, or do, or say the things proudly anyway, as you go about your day with a smile and gentle laughter knowing you are owning your uniqueness. Jot down your list and thoughts in your notebook.

Alternatively and/or additionally do something that makes you laugh:

    • On the tails of yesterday, my son and I do silly dances where we are goofy and just laugh at each other.
    • Share a glass of wine or coffee/tea with a friend and just have a lighthearted convo that will make you each laugh.
    • Find a program to watch for entertainment and get a good chuckle. (I am not a big TV watcher myself and got rid of cable almost a year ago which for me was the best decision ever. However, I do watch a program every now and then, that is not a documentary. I recently discovered “Schitt’s Creek” on Netflix and it makes me laugh out loud for real.
    • By the way, today’s song always makes me laugh. And for a writer goes hand in hand. Coffee in coffee. ;)

    Laughter is vital! So whatever form it takes for you is the right path for you. Laugh it up!

  • Day 12 Create: Limerick

Now the fun part. Let’s write a Limerick. This is an experiment for me too. I never write in this form. That is exactly why we are going to do it today. It’s silly and funny and can be ridiculous. And we can laugh together.

Don’t forget Shadow Poetry is a wonderful resource to familiarize yourself with different types of poetic form or refresh yourself on the different schemes.

Also, Poetry Foundation has a Glossary of Poetic Terms section you can search. A fantastic resource and site with daily poems for inspiration. and their Poem-A-Day is another wonderful site full of resources and a list of forms.

Here is my creative work as a result of today’s exercise:


converse, coffee, lipstick, sarcasm


There once was a nonsense girl writer.
Who used to be a shy nail bitter.
Told she was quite bossy,
learned to drink the coffee.
Now an avid word-girl igniter.

Hahahah! This was so ridiculous and difficult for me. It genuinely made me cringe inside, and laugh, and cringe and then laugh at myself. Sometimes horrible poetry is so freeing!


Love and Ink,

I invite you to share your poems in the comment section below or link to a blog or personal website. Read and comment on others. Introduce yourselves. Get involved. I’m excited to see what all you lovely souls have created.

Now laugh and smile for all your gratitude and the creativity you’ve cultivated today! See you back here tomorrow with another day of Self-Love.

22 thoughts on “day 12 – laughter

  1. ‪Do you think I’m that stupid‬
    ‪As to let you know all my secrets‬
    ‪To tell you I have some weakness‬
    ‪That my worst point is my meekness‬
    ‪And laughter is my theatric streamlet‬
    ‪That frequents as my appeasement‬

  2. She laughs until she farts
    But it surely doesn’t smell like tarts
    She eats a daily meal of beans
    That guarantees she gleans
    Both up there and down the nether parts

  3. There was an lady named Susan
    Always worryin’, frettin’ and stewin’
    Talkin’ woe is me’ to old man Lance
    He coaxed and cajoled her to dance
    Lo and behold! They cut many a rug
    Dancin’ the swing, cha-cha, and jitterbug

    Now the talk of the town
    Dancin’ every dance around
    Smilin’ Sue found it all so confusin’
    Grinnin’ Lance thought it all so amusin’

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