day 11 – playfulness

Welcome to day eleven of 28 days of Self-Love.

How’s everyone doing? I love today’s exercise! So, let’s continue to cultivate the habit of Self-Love through creativity, breath, and gratitude.

playfulness.  |ˈplāfəlnəs|
the quality of being light-hearted or full of fun.

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” —Nietzsche


  • Music Inspiration:  Marian Hill – Down  (This is not the actual music video but I absolutely love this choreography and had to share this version as my dance background trumped here.)


  • Day 11 Exercise: Dance (surprise)

I know. Yes, watch the video above for inspiration, and then get up put on a song that makes you want to create movement with your body (body poetry) each movement is an outward expression of what you are feeling inside. You DO NOT have to be a trained dancer or even coordinated to do this exercise. No one is watching you here. Get out of your head completely. Stop thinking about what “others” might “think” about how you look. The movement itself is freeing. Try different music here as you experiment with your (body poetry) dance.

I love music and it is an integral part of my life. I listen to many different genres depending on my moods, and I often have music playing while I prepare dinner. My children are used to seeing me “dance” around my kitchen as I ready our nightly meals. And the three of us used to stop and have a “dance party” for no reason at all. (Now my daughter is off at college.) My son and I still do dance parties and silly dance time. (I have another short note for tomorrow’s exercise that continues this thought. Just a hint at where we are headed.)


  • Day 11 Create: Shape Poetry

How do you feel? Free write for 10 mins about how this made you feel. What did you gain from this experience?

Now let’s create a Shape Poem use the exercise and your emotions as you mimic the movement of the dance directly into your written poetry. You can google Shape Poetry Images and find many beautiful ideas for inspiration here. Alternatively, you could just use tag words for your emotions and create a collage of movement also a form of shape poetry, example here.

This one might be tricky to share in the comment section if you don’t have a personal blog, but don’t worry just create it anyway and feel free to share the words with us here.


Here is my creative work as a result of today’s exercise:


I played with shapes and a sharpie.

Shape Poem:


Love and Ink,

I invite you to share your poems in the comment section below or link to a blog or personal website. Read and comment on others. Introduce yourselves. Get involved. I’m excited to see what all you lovely souls have created.

Now dance the creativity into your daily life! See you back here tomorrow with another day of Self-Love.

12 thoughts on “day 11 – playfulness

  1. Come play with me
    Create castles
    In the air
    Or on the sand by the sea
    Let’s sing harmoniously
    To shape our zeitgeist
    With childish

    1. Oh, me too! I’m in desperate need of the sun here. Its been raining in my neck of the woods for a week solid. I’m so sick of the clouds, but I’m trying to root into the positive here. Like the soothing sound of rainfall as I go to sleep. This was a heartfelt write!

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