They say when it rains and the birds are out it's going to rain all day. It's been raining here for forty-eight hours, and I can see my reflection in puddles. The blurry quality to my outline matches my insides now. Forty-eight hours is 172,797 seconds more than the amount of time it took for [...]

An Island of Why

I broke down, again, last night. Fed my loneliness a couple of Netflix documentaries with a side of palpable fear. I needed a mindless break because reading makes me want to write and writing leads to crap like this. . . I try to remind myself to fluff my pillows and place them in the center [...]


Like to read Flash Fiction? Want to help promote literacy? Flash Dogs have compiled their second anthology, 2 books each in print and digital format, (all links available HERE) with all proceeds going to The Book Bus! 48 talented and diverse writers contributed 143 stories to this two book collection of Flash Fiction delights. Follow the [...]

Pallid Cage

Pallid Cage I’ve crawled up and inside my mind. Sure, it’s a figurative expression in a world of literal abstraction. It was a Tuesday. We’re all just corpses as we drag our flesh around from day to day and stow our unsightly demons. We yearn for distraction as we distance ourselves more and more from [...]