doubles require two half of which is 1 I am 1/2 of no two therefore, am I half of whole remains--- bone-pecked flesh and this never-ending quest dissected and scrutinized beneath these magnified lights double requires two but what if you're half of 1/2 never knowing whole © Grace Black National Poetry Month: Day 15   [...]

abandoned bones

there is a home in my bones settled within this empty house my thoughts are fossils, but your kiss I know floorboards in this house, daily gravestones I walk; loneliness my spouse fossilized "I knows": petrified, preserved, plight my bones, they know, they whisper: "go" this house, this home inside these bones pray for night [...]

I am…

I am a projection of my own reality this fluid pause and every impulse in between this unwritten poem and the moment just before I am much, much more the tip of the teeth and how they bite Occam's razor and over the edge I am a skyscraper with nothing below nightmares and Dalí dreams, [...]