Run-on Days

  102, 229, 446, 195, 84 this is how time passes now. It’s breakfast 2 units, lunch 2 units, dinner 3 and all include a correction formula. Math is my new best friend. The clock face has lost all its characters, and time is measured in doses, corrections, and syringes. The hours stood still the [...]

Edible Pulse

  I originally saw this posted on a friend's blog and timeline The Last Krystallos. As I read her words on the subject matter and about the project #InShadowSelfie, I decided to pass this along and participate. As a lover of poetry and sufferer of anxiety disorder and clinical depression, I felt compelled to write it [...]

Grace Black: A Peek Inside

So, I'm always working on things. A curious mind and insomnia seem to have their usefulness at times. Recently I've been playing around with art and media to help complement my poetry. This video trailer is the result of some such chaos. Hope you enjoy. Also, it's almost Thursday so if you have no clue [...]

Prose to Come

  Just a quick post to let you know I will be posting a few selections, in a moment, of Flash Fiction that I'd written for contests and hadn't had the chance to post to my blog. Cleaning house on the blog front and getting ready for the New Year. Not trying to spam your [...]

November is NaNoWriMo

It's that time of year again NaNoWriMo  is here! I failed miserably last year and sort of fizzled out before I began. I haven't completed a NaNo since back in 2010, so this year I'm determined for another win! I have a few things set to post during the month of November, here on the blog, but [...]