draw my name in chalk with the violence of your tongue

there was little time for hopscotch before the setting sun

girls would toss a scrunchie and bend beneath a tree

but I would toss my heart and lose my brittle teeth

I chewed hope for breakfast and used razor blades for floss

then died before five and was resurrected from the loss

you taught me how to love with your resounding hate

and this is how I’ve come—

into each

semicolon day;


survival isn’t always living
but there are days when it is life
© Grace Black


      1. No problem! I try to make it a point to leave comments when I can because I know how much I appreciate them myself. Can’t grump about not getting any feedback if I never leave any! Also, I really do love the concise imagery you used in the poem.

        Is this your first stab at NaPo?

        1. Nope, I’ve done it a few times. You? But I’m playing around with something different this go. Trying to dig a bit deeper. Today was still a poor attempt at surface for me. But maybe I’ll get there with the daily commitment.

    1. This is my third attempt at NaPoWriMo. I was unsuccessful the first year because of some distractions that came up partway through the month, but last year was my first successful attempt.

      I’m trying to focus on writing prompts this year. Last year the focus was “just make myself write SOMETHING every day,” this year my focus is “try experimenting more and let it be fun rather than trying to cultivate some literary masterpiece.” I think I’ve forgotten how to let poetry be fun instead of tedious, so even if I don’t get too “deep” it’ll be nice to let myself try new things and really enjoy it.

      Good luck with your endeavors this month!

  1. Wow! This really grabbed me — “I chewed hope for breakfast and used razor blades for floss” — it all strings together and leaves me wanting to hear about other semi-colon days.

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