lie down in the middle of the room

imagine your bones are soup

a slip of green like split pea

then try to breathe through them:

your bones.

choke on the air that no longer exists

in the lungs your bones do not contain.


this is what trusting someone again,

feels like


© Grace Black


I also dabble with poetry prompts on Instagram. Follow me there, @graceblackink, for more daily poetry and to play along. Do you dabble in wordplay as well? Let’s create!


Love and Ink,


cc image Unsplash

3 thoughts on “slip

    1. Your words Grace they slice through my heart. Strong , raw, &powerful at the same time. It drips from the ache deep down in your soul. I feel the hurt so much. ❤ you! You are strong and resilient. Your words prove this.

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