eye see you

it was so much more
than what you’ve reduced it to
but my teeth are bones
and my lip is bleeding
from biting down,
holding back,
and your night terrors remain
as you refuse to face the truth:

you use

you replaced one vice for another,
as easily as you glossed over my words
and mis-mangled them into shiv splints,
and your sobriety is fake
you’re high on hurt
because you play the victim
it’s a one-man show, one act,
one scene of quiet distortion
and my blood and bones spilled
and split to try to suture you

but you use

and as a daughter of abuse
I’m well versed in the dialogue
of users; it’s a monologue you’ve
rehearsed for an approving applause
but understand just this
there’s a vast difference between
my poetry, a soliloquy of art I offer
regardless of listeners or applause
because this is what I do
I live, I learn, survive, and write:

it was so much more
than what you’ve reduced it to


© Grace Black


I also dabble with poetry prompts on Instagram. Follow me there, @blackinkpinkdsk, for more daily poetry and play along. Do you dabble in wordplay as well? Let’s create!


Love and Ink,


cc image from Unsplash


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