Ongoing – Day 31

What’s the narrative of nerve—

I’d like to think, the plums and oranges of dusk

weave a story only receptors inside my teeth

may bite

down on, inside my cheeks

and maintain these hallucinations of vibrancy

as I substitute surviving, with prose,

and prose with plums and orange of an October sky

as my tongue laps at the asphalt beneath my face

as if there is moisture enough in this blacktop, a thin layer above this earth

beneath my wants,

and a soil that knows my needs

claylike and ochered,

tell me:

can I,

slake this unshakeable thirst for a narrative

that I can comprehend

and prose that rewrites all this pain…

© Grace Black


Welcome to the October Poetry Journey!


Today is Day 31 of #OctPoWriMo  join me, 31 poems in 31 days. Another month of poeming complete.


Love and Ink,


my image


  1. I loved this – there is an internal rhythm to this that I really liked. I’m not sure I understood this in any linear fashion, but I did enjoy reading it out loud. Keep at it.

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