Simplicity Isn’t Always Simple – Day 30

savage nesting,

and we prayed to their God

wire-to-wire never down on one knee

you don’t need a field of dreams

or empty things for crop circles

and the geometry. the length of my sentences

and this two-dimensional page it’s an area

you can’t commit,

and my art, thrumming through these veins

and all the fucks left I had to give

they now take up space

it’s a volume you couldn’t comprehend.

© Grace Black

Welcome to the October Poetry Journey!


Today is Day 30 of #OctPoWriMo  join me, 31 poems in 31 days. Do you dabble in word play as well? Let’s create 31 in 31!


Love and Ink,


 cc Image from Unsplash

Words, love them! Have some? Leave them.

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