Letting it Flow – Day 10

I dug kitchen spoons/into unturned earth,/placed fork tines into wood/just to see if it would give./Silver plate flakes and/flatware lacking depth, to the bend,/the facade marched along./You were a drummer with a belt,/but it was not pretend./The circus was a nightmare;/scars, not for tell or show/you unfolded daydreams and crushed them with a blow…/I learned how to love . . . from you/and that destroyed me too/now I know, what love is not/and how, I’m all the stops the poem forgot/

© Grace Black


Welcome to the October Poetry Journey!


Today is Day 10 of #OctPoWriMo  join me, 31 poems in 31 days. Do you dabble in word play as well? Let’s create 31 in 31!


Love and Ink,



  1. I enjoy the conflict between flow and stops, especially via the title “thoughts on letting it flow” and the last line, “i’m all the stops the poem forgot. which equals a flow. well done!

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