abandoned bones

there is a home in my bones
settled within this empty house
my thoughts are fossils, but your kiss I know
floorboards in this house, daily gravestones
I walk; loneliness my spouse
fossilized “I knows”: petrified, preserved, plight
my bones, they know, they whisper: “go”
this house, this home inside these bones pray for night

© Grace Black

imageNational Poetry Month: Day 14


Prompt: Write a san san which means “three three” in Chinese. The san san has some things in common with the tritina, including repetition and rhyme. In particular, the san san repeats, three times, each of three terms or images. The eight lines rhyme in the pattern a-b-c-a-b-d-c-d.



30 poems in 30 days. Do you dabble in word play as well? Let’s create 30 in 30.

Love and Ink,


  1. I love the starkness of the imagery. This was painful- which is good, because that shows it worked. BTW, you inspired my offering today. I wrote it after reading yours – it is a similar theme, I think, thanks (I haven’t written about this before), Mosk

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