The Way You Live – Day 20

Maybe, your hermeneutic
has found a place.

You’ve seized
the back of my throat,
your spoon-shaped sword
delicately carved to deceive,

to scoop mouthfuls of my
mediocre mind onto your

In your Petri dish,
under the right light
at the magnification
of perceived prestige

maybe you will finally “see”
or maybe not—

Maybe, it’ll take much more
but the thing you’re looking for
you’ll never find.

My heart is heavy
and my soul is soft,
and there’s not much more
that I’ve come to find
that’s nearly lost.

I give, and I grieve
and you with your
Minutemen, a thousand
different nom de guerre
you deceive—
You deceive.

And I caw like a bird
not as prey,
“This is not the end of days.”

© Grace Black

Write Yourself Alive – 30 Days of Writing  #writeyourselfalive 

Today is Day 20 of WYA 

Love and Ink,

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