(Hi)story – Day 22

Stories passed
from weathered hands
to slip-silk
flesh of new life;
you won’t read
in any book (pages missing).
The real history is in the
well-worn lines,
grooves of decay,
our narratives are encoded
in the things we seldom say.
We bend
an arc
to our story
the end.
But what you read
in the coded text
never was the way.
As the weathered hands
beneath cold dirt
our mouths,
our youth,
have gone dust-dry.
We all forget and fill
our minds,
coat our tongues
with waterless hydration
and sate ourselves
with our “story” books.

© Grace Black

Write Yourself Alive – 30 Days of Writing  #writeyourselfalive 

Today is Day 22 of WYA 

Love and Ink,

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