Moving Day – Day 5

I found a home
in caverns of tar,
hollowed out a nook
to hunker down within
and lay breast-beaten
in the abandoned wild—

I found a home
in vaults of passion
cut my wrists for color,
an apéritif leached crimson
to sip inspiration at nightfall;
a monochromatic canvas—

I found a home
in nests of self-
rooted from the discarded mess.
Compost between my teeth and
branches in my hair sustain me now—

I found a home,
I’m a nomadic warrior
in cream-colored skin with
tattooed constellations
of where I’ve been.

I found a home.
You cannot move in,
but I welcome you . . . to
travel the pockets and pools
of pain plentiful, ’till you discover,
I’ve found a home.

© Grace Black

Write Yourself Alive – 30 Days of Writing  #writeyourselfalive 

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 9.13.39 AM

Today is Day 5 of WYA 

Love and Ink,


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