Found on Pinterest via awelltraveledwoman.tumblr

I’m thirty stories high and dream of aubergine
Yellow taxicabs scream beige and
The distorted cityscape, my film score
Words rain and autumn is running black

I whisper now to Winter
As my mascara, Electric Purple,
Chases billboards and motes of need
None of what I want—I’m thirty stories high

And all at once, I’m not…

© Grace Black

The October Poetry Journey continues… #OctPoWriMo

Today is Day 2 of OctPoWriMo  join me, 31 poems in 31 days. Do you dabble in word play as well? Let’s create 31 in 31!

Love and Ink,



  1. I love the contrast of yellow/beige and black/Electric Purple. A kind of explosion in the dark. And the last line… yes. My Depression is eager to see what you write tomorrow. And the next day, and the…

    1. If anyone ‘gets’ this, I knew it’d be you, Chris. Thank you for the continued support and inspiration! Thirty stories high and the bluebird still vies for the freedom to fly. . .

        1. Yes the TLT one and I was referring to your ink, my friend! Hahah. Maybe the ‘perfectly normal’ nap didn’t help much. And I’d call that a full night’s sleep. LMAO

          Though, I may have another book up my sleeve. ;)

  2. Sheesh. What a shocking and well-written ending. I love the coloring and detailed descriptions throughout, only to find out that she’s just jumped. I wish this were a metaphor, but it’s probably not.

    But then there is the possibility that you’re talking about the stories she’s written, trying to finish her book. Also, that “high” means “under the influence.” So I perceive that she has either just finished her book, or just ripped it up, deciding it’s not good enough.

    Or maybe these are stories that she’s reading. So what if the first 30 stories made her feel high, but the 31st destroyed her or brought her back down (to the ground, to reality) in some way?

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