Capable and Culpable Shades of Sanity

Black, White, and Gray Franz Kline (American, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 1910–1962 New York City) 1959 Oil on canvas

I’m a threadbare absolute
tugging at my own seams
of inconsequence

Sledgehammer gray tucked inside
my mind, a thunderous revolution of
sour silence and gasoline-doused derivatives

Anvils of angry black
and angles of distorted proportion
propel the knowing nonsensical white space

Do you have these days
where your matter—the colorless exposition
meets the edge…

© Grace Black



Written for dVerse  Meeting the Bar and Modify it



  1. Grace, these words resonated with me heavily! I could not have put into words, as you have for me,how I feel about today’s world.

  2. Wow.. there’s a little synchronicity going on here.. as your poem relates to the comment i just make in response to you on my site.. i know precisely how these shades of grey feel experiencing this in my life.. before.. for over 5 long years.. and it is a most difficult place to live in shades of grey and black and white.. where there is always something vaguely missing as more colors of life..:)

  3. A fabulous poem, rife with both mighty cool modifiers, & unlikely comparisons. Murders are happening daily; last night to a Texas Sheriff’s deputy. How can we stay sane, even relatively, when insanity rules, runs roughshod & rampant? Is the media just more intensely & immediately reporting on these tragedies, or have they always been with us, albeit without the spotlight? I, too, like your lines /sledgehammer gray tucked inside/my mind/.

  4. yep – i guess everyone has those moments every once and a while and it’s not bad to balance that edge for a bit – can be frightening though as well

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