1. I really like this poem! Very clever, and the ending as an interesting surprise. I like the fact that you had a point to make, made it, and left the reader wanting more.

  2. Bitter sweet end on this. You have to be careful with magicians
    it may be magic in the moment, but its all sleight of hand
    and too soon – POOF.

  3. I do so enjoy brevity, when someone says something in a few words – to the point and spot on – instead of feeling they have to keep writing and writing….this comment is longer than the poem :-) Excellent work.

  4. I read this totally differently than the rest. If you were the final act, then you were his last conquest. And if the magician disappeared, then maybe just that part of him disappeared. I think he fell in love with you two, and you had a beautiful life together, full of healthy entertainment and laughter. Although, another possibility I’m left with is that you were both in love with each other, but then he died. I’m sure I’m wrong on all counts; this is just what I see.

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