What You Know and What You Think You Know

Silence is my companion
but it’s never, in fact, just that.
More is said when left unsaid
and it’s a comfort to comprehend.
The knowing and unknowing
is what destroys us in the end–


So to sit with nature
and sweat the ichor of my mind
allowing tears to pool
their muddled, bleary hue,
as the edges of my sanity
release its balm of discontent–
this together is alone.


Here I sit,
my companion and I,
and contemplate its quiet,
camouflaged screeching resolve
defying the very definition
that we wrongly chose.


Silence is not silent.
Knowing is still unknown.
Alone is not lonely
and together
is how we grieve alone.

© Grace Black

Didactic written for 

B&P’s Shadorma & Beyond via MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie 



    1. Always enjoy your take. Thank you for the lovely comment on Pool of Paged White Space as well! It’s truly a pleasure to read and share words with you. Your blog and the words you share are a wonderful inspiration.

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