Referential Distance

Tas Vicze
Tas Vicze

Referential Distance


everything I didn’t say–

ink blots and city stains

my madness leaks

between breaths of silence


the page bears its weight

nothing is heavy

and the empty,

full of refrain . . .


I love in layers

of absolutes & unseen

live in seams, buried,

of hook and thread


the yoke you wear

is of your own binding

a differential to the power of x

where Y is the question


until you lie

in Judgement’s bed

you’ll never know

what blankets me


© Grace Black

Written for dVerse Open Link #151



  1. This really takes off imho when you get to i love in layers. That whole stanza is really cool. And the yoke you wear stanza presents well as truth. I like the play with Y too. Ha. The first two lines of hte last stanza play well with it, or with the final two.

  2. I think this is one of those poems you love the more you read.. Anthony and X had said a lot of what I wanted to say.. The whole poem I interpret as a rather harsh one.. will we ever connect… and yes the question is always much more important than the answer.

  3. I am covered in goose bumps. Thank you so much for writing and sharing this gorgeous poem.

    I’m especially drawn to these:
    “my madness leaks between breaths”
    “I love in layers of absolutes & unseen”
    the last stanza
    the title

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