Quantum Physics Can’t Explain This

James Fee ca. 2000

Quantum Physics Can’t Explain This

likes dissolve likes


opposites attract
I learned these things—
in high school chemistry class

I’m tired,
and my heart’s too
to tote around today

peanut butter removes gum
from hair


his hands, his lips
cup another face
so chemistry is bullshit,
and my hypothesis is this:

I’m tired,
and my heart’s too
to tote around today

© Grace Black

Written for dVerse Open Link #150



  1. Nice. I like how you take the obtuse journey through high school chemistry, but it all relates and set up the betrayal or turn away by him, the echo of your truth for today as well, solid. A heaviness that I am sure many can relate to.

    1. Haha! There is much truth in what you say. However, I went on to study Physics and the world of science in general fascinates me, but as a poet I bend word waves and capture refractive moments that best convey a feeling.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

  2. I like the repeated refrain. It had more impact at the end because it had also been in the middle. And I like your unconventional layout of the poem, the “but” in the middle, floating there alone. Peace, Linda

    1. Thank you for your thorough feedback. The dialogue between writers is such a gift, and it’s always fun to experiment and see what–works and what does not.

    1. Indeed, but isn’t that the point? On the quantum level matter behaves differently than in classical physics. So the inner workings between two minds and quantum cognition are variables to incorporate in the said randomness. And randomness perhaps isn’t random at all, but through our limited scope we feel compelled to label everything and place it in a tidy box. But what if we don’t have access to all the boxes in this realm?

      Thanks so much for your comment, Björn! I get sidetracked often when science is on the table for discussion. And it’s always fun to play with form and function.

      Poetry is a lovely way for people to express emotion. Thank you for the challenge post and inspiring others to write!

  3. Sadly.. although MOST human being are gifted with the potential to have hearts.. it is like a garden that must be nourished in ’empathy education’ continuously through life.. and the sad truth is.. when.. for example.. when a ‘patriarchal’ mommy and daddy keep telling their son.. not to cry.. and to repress all the emotions of softness.. OR that comes through a lack of nurture in small childhood.. OR social abuse.. when the heart grows stone instead of flower.. the spine and the skin.. of the naked woman in curling fetal position.. is no more than that.. without the colors of the human heArt.. the skin lies in shades of grey.. as observed by ‘Lesser’ men…

    A balance is required for life.. as souls.. hearts.. and spirits.. of both men and women.. to grow.. as garden of love.. to escape Fire Extinguishers of LOVE… Seriously.. most people have no
    idea that the
    human heart
    a muscle that
    must go.. almost
    everyday to the

    I learn that lesson a very very hard way…
    There is no pain greater than
    numb.. there is no embrace that
    can take the place of the

    AND when exercised enough..
    ‘that muscle’ can withstand
    any storm

    1. Wow! Fantastic. This is why I love to write. These moments of connecting with others that can and do articulate what it is to feel and process the human condition on a daily basis.

      “Love Gym of Life,” what lovely imagery. This will cling for some time to come.

      I couldn’t agree more with your comments. Thank you kindly for taking the time to read and share.

      1. You are very welcome.. To connect to another soul.. even without face or presence.. is the greatest Art of human heart.. and to makes words.. organic.. is lasting life of soul..

        AS SPIRIT.

        And for the archetype of angel.. AKA human empath..
        there is no greater practice than loving forever..
        whether one is here or not…

        ‘Flesh and blood’ men and women

        will never know this

        gift and present

        of the full present

        and future well.. of loving others..

        in watering Love of humanity’s LIGHT..:)

  4. There is a deep angst and emotionally heavy lines in your words ~ I don’t recall the lessons in HS now but I can definitely relate to the heaviness in your heart ~

    Nice to meet you ~

  5. so really… peanut butter removes gum
    from hair… ? ha – maybe it removes that heaviness from the heart as well after a disappointing relationship…i wish it could…

    1. Haha! Yes peanut butter really removes gum from hair. ; ) It’s science that works. As for relationships they’re a bit trickier, eh? Thanks for stopping by to read and comment.

  6. So many times, we have lugged those heavy hearts along with us, finding it hard to think, breathe, move….to not be overly dramatic, this poem packs a wallop of grief.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment! This was a visceral write and it’s always lovely to hear the finished piece conveys the intended emotive result.

  7. Deep and sensitive writing! And beautiful!

    Thank you for commenting on my dVerse Open Link poem today. I looked to find a current one of yours to comment, but did not find one. Always like to return comments.

  8. Love this. It spoke to me on a very personal level in an elegant multi-level prose. Oh…and thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one with those kind of days. ;)

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