Midnight Beetle: Lady June

Pregnant moon & humid breath,

the ichor of my poetry–ripe

from broken skin.


My lips make no movement.


Paper wings, a fly trap rap

as these midnight things

electrocute my mind, taxing stimuli.


Neurotransmissions ignite

signaling my mind’s eye

as the beetle stares me down.


Drunk on light, he flaps & flaps

and I think, “Damn, this thing!”

Occam’s Razor at the roof


of my dry rot mouth

clammy skin, vapor pause–

June’s begun, and I do not blink.


© Grace Black

This was written for Poetic Asides 

Prompt #308




  1. First, I played with your title. We call them June Bugs, and so I thought “Midnight Lady:June beetle” but I like it the way it is. THough maybe unintended, it comes across as playful to me. The simplest things are most often correct eh? Of course Occam’s Razor and neurotransmissions jumped out at me because they seem out of place with the rest, but it is smart writing – giving depth. Well written, enjoyed.

    1. Oh, intentional indeed. Playful. Midnight Beetle was part of the 2 part prompt (color of your shirt-black; last animal you saw-beetle) So the beetle was a stretch. But everyone was writing about squirrels, so I wanted something different. Then as you mentioned, we call ’em June Bugs too, so I played with Lady June as the month with reference feeding back to the bug. IDK I just like to play with words. Meanings. How they feel. Weight. Placement.

      I like poetry to be less direct at times and perhaps the anthesis of O’sR. Layers. I also enjoy a touch of unpredictability.

      Your comments are most welcome. It’s always a pleasure to chat about the ink we share. And the dialogue clings as we pen our next writes. This is how we learn and grow, eh?

      Thank you again for your comments.

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