Book Release

So poetry month has come to a close and with it I have left a piece of my soul in each of the thirty days of drabble. Thank you to all who read and participated along with #NaPoWriMo! I will miss poeming with you, but now I think a rest is due.

However, today I am excited to announce another labour of love that has been two years in the making.


Three Lines: All That’s Left 

(Available Now)

My Book

Grace Black takes her love of poetic brevity and brings you a compilation for the soul. She weaves emotive verse and naked prose in a minimalist format and carries you on a journey through life, love, and loss of the heart.


Amazon UK

Barnes & Noble 


I want to take a moment and extend my deepest gratitude to all of you who have inspired, encouraged, and supported me on this journey! And I cannot adequately convey to you how touched I am by the outpouring of well wishes and generosity of so many of you. Thank you, truly!

Love and Ink,



    1. Thank you, kindly!

      I’ve learned my lesson with the use of the word ‘never’ some time back. That being said, I don’t have any immediate plans for a Kindle version. This was a creative project from its conception. I somehow feel a digital version would lose some of the vision. But thank you for your interest!

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