and I’m
grains awash-
I breathe the moonlight
& I’ve abandoned
want—strains of
the diseased
heart’s plea
now taste

© Grace Black

Poetry Month ends today, and since all things in life are cyclical, I’ve decided to end at the beginning in keeping with NaPoWriMo prompt for the 30th day. “Write a poem backwards.”

I leave you where we began. Thank you to all who have inspired and contributed along the way. What a lovely journey we shared. Now I’m gonna go curl up in a ball for a week and hide. (Actually, I’ll be working on flash.)

30 poems in 30 days.
Love and Ink,



  1. With every poem of yours I read, I find myself nodding along in the affirmative. Whether it’s the overall vibe of the poem or a particular line, I feel like you’re capturing something marinating in my mind, a stray emotion or thought. Potent work yet again, Grace.

    1. Your words touch me, Chris. It’s always lovely to know that something we write has moved someone else in a similar way. Thank you so much for sharing words and being a constant source of inspiration!

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