Literary Lint

a prime number
in a bath of prose
minds intrigued
and leading lines
a tumble & a fall
it’s another
spring day
poetry dangles
and participles
are derived
clever is a cleaver
but the heart
is a spade
shoveling itself
straight into the

© Grace Black

Poetry Month continues, and this is Day 13 of NaPoWriMo for me. Today’s prompt was to pen a riddle poem. This is my attempt. I’d love to read your comments.

30 poems in 30 days. Do you dabble in word play as well? Let’s create 30 in 30.

Love and Ink,



  1. I stared at this until I got cross-eyed. Thing is, I love playing with words so should get it. My current theory, though, is that you don’t know yourself, and are waiting for another blogger to identify it! :)

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