Word Play

Poetry is boring stuff
written by the pretentious
lot of us.

“Most want to read a memorable tale, something that lingers…”

This was conveyed to me
and I had to pause
and laugh.

What hypocritical arrogance
contained in the statement above
by a writer, no less.

my hands are milk-glass
my wrists steel gauge
your arrogance
is your ignorance
and profundity
you fail to lend
when you criticize
the breadth of words
contained within
a realm
you cannot comprehend

As writers,
we play with words,
dress them up
give them fancy hats
then we strip them naked
and leave them good as dead.

but poeTs
keep pets
we put our words on cHains
tAke them out for walks
nurture their Nature
dead is never death
hats are constellations
and stars scourge
our inky thoughts,
Kite our veinS
life’s a number’s game,

and for a poet
it’s always prime
1 and unto itself
a mystery
for some–

he held a black umBrella
i wAs a Banana in a slicker
together we wEre
the eye of a DAlí storM

a fiboNacci sequence
beneath biology, botanY,
and cOmputer science
also arguably difficUlt
to undeRstand but does that
make the beauty Less?
or yOur ignorance greaT?

The world contains vast unmeasurable meaning, all of which fascinates the very ink of my marrow, and answers are all I seek. We all have preferences, yes. But to dismiss something, nothing, everything, anything because you cannot comprehend or bend, then the loss is truly yours in the end.


Some of you may know, April is Poetry Month and I have decided to participate in NaPoWriMo this year; 30 poems in 30 days. This happened to be the perfect segue, via blog post, for me to encourage all that dabble in word play to create 30 in 30 as well!

Love and Ink,



  1. This is great! I wish poetry got more respect in larger circles. No one I know knows about my poetry, so I don’t talk about poetry with others except with my students. I try to help them appreciate poetry, but it is sadly a thankless pursuit. Awesome post!

    1. Because the masses want to be spoon fed, nowadays. They want to be told how to feel instead of seeking the heft and weight of words. Sifting through the imperfections to find that is indeed the beauty itself and the reward. Thanks for your thankless pursuit!

  2. Bravo! Your rejoinder at once hard hitting and full of deep insight. It challenges me to open my mind to those areas of my life where I am guilty of content prior to investigation. Thanks.

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