At Times


At Times

Pen and Ink
at times,
the only path for thought.

Ride the rails
of wondrous inspiration
with random stops
at exits
do not

Heart’s a mess
and head’s adrift
and lips remain a rosy pink.

A love simmers
beneath the binding,
shimmering in the seams,
a backdrop
in a real world
of cannots.

There are questions
that remain unanswerable
and poems
that remain unread.

this does not
any sort
of comfort to
the needs,
and wants,
and desires,
of a poet
craving love.

Pen and Ink
at times—
are merely not enough.

© Grace Black


  1. Simply beautiful is all I can say. You have a wonderful gift with words that touches the heart of your readers!! ❤️

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