Green and Blue

Green and Blue

Green and Blue 

Not all heaven but not all sin, her ink was filled with love, empathy, and where they’d been. She wrote to empty her pedantic mind.

Blue eyes locked on green. Warm breaths seeping out of eager lips, slow walks and talks, chasing dawn. Their reckless, wild youth eventually slipped through their fingertips like silt and made room for the raw and real, messy details of life.

He adored green and she blue. They painted their home in both hues; a fixer-upper but paid for with sweat and tears. A boy, Brett, and a girl, Sue, blessed their lives as the years grew. Fun and adventure became a delicacy sampled in between over-scheduled tidbits of life, in lieu of spontaneity, but laughter remained.

One turned into two. Two became four. Four was reduced back to two. Then came the news.

Life is not simple math, it’s calculus, statistics, and uncomfortable patience as patients pray. Cancer took her favorite blue.

© Grace Black

160 words


Written for Flash! Friday Micro Fiction Contest


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