Five Sentence Fiction

This week’s prompt: Frozen



My pen’s been frozen,
or so it seems.

Or perhaps,
it’s the simplicity
and abundance
of winter’s harsh words,
a blizzard in my head,
that’s kept my hand
from my pen
these past days.

Nature’s brilliance
within its ability
to peck and forage
for life,
no matter the season before us.

I sit and watch
the splendid show
beyond my window
as my fingers twitch,
reaching for the blackest ink.

Then I realize,
inspiration is never frozen,
nor was my pen,
I’ve merely been trapped
inside my own head
with a human imperfection,
belief in limitation;
a lie I stand to mend.

© Grace Black

Written for Five Sentence FictionGo check it out and write one of your own!

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