Happy New Year 2014

I had a friend tell me, a while ago, I was obsessed with writing. Then as I was perusing Google images, inspiration for my next blog post came to me. This is what I stumbled upon.


“How perfectly fitting,” I thought.

I write every day: words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, poetry, flash fiction, short stories, chapters, novels. Every day I write something. I do it because I love to write, I do it because my mind craves the outlet, I do it because I have much to share, I do it because I am dedicated.

Those who are dedicated to something understand what it means to live with purpose. Those without purpose, I pity, are the mindless wanderers that fill the vast space on Earth. The aimless wanderers without direction are the ones who hide behind words like obsession and talk incessantly about others, eager to point out flaws of those around them instead of taking ownership of their own lives. The aimless wanderers, too afraid to really live life, exist without purpose and fill the void with nonsense and chatter. Don’t merely exist. 

Choose to live life. The dedicated do something everyday, anything, with purpose and intent because they are resolute in their passions. I say go forth each day with indomitable spirit and pursue something with dedication. Find your passion!

Late in 2013 I discovered this app called Heyku and I must admit I’ve fallen for her. She’s a gem of an app. I write little snippets on there daily and have “met” some wonderful people. (You should check it out if you like micro poetry) Anyhow, one of the posters, on the app, shared an idea for choosing a word for the new year. I loved this idea and decided to begin 2014 with a word, myself, and if you haven’t guessed by now my chosen word is: Passion (passion for life).


Join me and choose a word. Share your words, if you’d like, in the comment section here on my blog. Also I’d love it if you’d like to share your passions. Happy New Year and talk to me!

Love and Ink,


  1. Oh Grace, you words are delectable to the mind. I too have chosen a word and already today I’ve had to be reminded thrice what that word is….gentle

    Go gentle into that sweet night…..
    Love all your words and happy new year to you!

  2. ” The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling” – Fabienne Fredrickson
    I have actually shared this quote on my FB and now here you are talking about passion!! :) It’s just amazing how we sometimes relate to the same word or thought at the same time. I admire your words and dedication. You really are an inspiration to me. This quote really struck a chord because maybe I have discovered a passion through Heyku and all the wonderful people I’ve met there. You are right when you said dedication gives birth to purpose. Now I think I have a purpose. I have a dedication. Thank you Grace! You are awesome.

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